CariFree decay prevention

The CariFree CTx Treatment System treats the cause of decay, not the symptom.Carifree Product Range

Cavities are caused by an imbalance of the bacteria in your mouth. We all know that we should brush twice a day and floss as often as possible, and although these actions can reduce bacteria, neither alters the current acidic bacterial balance in your mouth and this is why you continue to get cavities. CariFree pH elevated products change the chemical balance of your mouth and are clinically proven to prevent cavities.

A bacterial infection on your teeth can also be transmitted to others. Studies show that harmful decay-causing bacteria can be transmitted to other members of your household.

Elevated pH Products to Neutralize Decay-Causing Acids and Prevent Decay

Have you ever wondered why you continue to get cavities despite religiously cleaning your teeth, when others who rarely brush and floss do not? It makes one wonder whether a person can really be cavity prone?

Cavities are caused by anl imbalance of the bacteria in your mouth, and when dentists drill and fill cavities, they are only treating the result of the infection, not the imbalance itself—and thus the decay returns.

Up until now, dentists have been taught that if people remove bacteria with good oral hygiene, they will be free of decay.

The problem is that it’s just not that simple.

If you want to break this cycle of decay, why not try the CariFree CTx system.  It consists of mouth rinses, tooth gel, spray and gum, which re-balance the bacteria in your mouth, so that the good bacteria wins. CariFree has an elevated pH, which neutralizes decay-causing acids, thus fixing your decay problem at its source.

CariFree should be used every day, replacing your normal oral hygiene products. 

CariFree is safe to use every day.  The CariFree products are non-abrasive and are highly effective and clinically proven to prevent cavities through remineralization.

risk factors balance


Cavities are caused by an imbalance between risk factors for the disease and protective factors keeping you healthy.

Patients with multiple risk factors are more likely to have cavities, as well as have failures in expensive dental work due to recurrent decay. Treating the bacterial imbalance and modifying risk factors is the first and most important step in becoming cavity-free. This can be beneficial even for individuals without current cavities who want to focus on prevention

The easy-to-use treatment program

There are five treatment agents prescribed for managing the disease that causes cavities.

Each CariFree product is designed to provide the specific agents necessary as per each individual patient’s caries risk.  The higher the patient’s risk, the higher the recommended level of exposure to the five principle treatment agents.

 5 treatment elements

Each individual CariFree product is given a score based on the number of agents they contain.

ctx productsThe treatment consists of using a series of CariFree antibacterial mouth rinses and gel to reduce the bacterial levels on your teeth, giving you a better chance of avoiding future dental decay. It's that simple.

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